Last Will and Testament of President Ferdinand Marcos

Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos


Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos
of The Philippines

This is the Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos.  It contains yet more clues to the vast amount of money that the Cabal(s) having been trying to steal for decades, and the dramas that have been perpetuated by various players in the realm of the internet.

This article HERE gives a little more insight to Ferdinand Marcos and the deception that has been perpetuated by various members of various factions of the Cabal to gain access to the White Spirit Boy accounts.

I haven’t had a chance to even remotely do enough research on this yet, but it is worth noting considering other information that has been coming out on these massive accounts.

This Article claims that China’s wealth is coming from these pilfered accounts that are under the Trusteeship of Anthony S Martin (see Marcos’ Last Will and Testament below), and that they had amassed this wealth in just a two month period.

The Chinese Red Dragon Family has interested to invest to Account no. 876 – 3211 – 54AM – 22 accounted to Anthony Santiago Martin of San Sebastian, Hagonoy, Bulacan as my friend in HSBC furnished me copy.

Edited 02/01/13 12:08pm est to add:

A reader has analysed this doc below and has pointed out that the signatures on the doc are “edited” and may not be legit.

China already got their 10% share worth USD 2. 6 Trillion, while UK have swiftly got also USD 2.6 Trillion, the Dragon Family have also USD 2.6 Trillion, China also got their share USD 2.6 Trillion and ASBLP Group and ASBLP Group of Companies, Inc. under this man have waiting to load their USD 2.6 Trillion and his share of USD 520 Billion. All other members of the Committee of 300 including WZH Group have already got their share swiftly or a guarantee on investment. So this man and his company have left to wait for their share.
The story of NYT is something behind the wall but the truth revealed behind this.

 The New York Times article quote is HERE.  This section of the article jumped out at me: (italics are mine)

“Yet there is little disputing that under the direction of the Communist Party, China has begun to reshape the way the global economy functions by virtue of its growing dominance of trade, its huge hoard of foreign exchange reserves and United States government debt and its voracious appetite for oil, coal, iron ore and other natural resources….”

Ummmm…. Foreign exchange reserves?  US (corp) Government debt?  Oil? ….. does this remind you of something that is going on behind the scenes right now in the US?

And this part:

“Beijing is also beginning to shape global dialogues on a range of issues, analysts said; for instance, last year it asserted that the dollar must be phased out as the world’s primary reserve currency.”

….. Can you say BRICs and non-aligned nations forcing the Federal Reserve out of business (with good reason I might add, but I digress)

As I said in this article last week.

“Money is being transferred right now in VAST quantities out of Hong Kong by a certain bank.  That money is being sent to the IMF, and through them to the UST. Who controls the Banks in Hong Kong?  And where is that bank getting trillions of $ a day to keep transferring to the IMF? and what “money” is being used?  Federal Reserve Dollars?  US Treasury Bills?”

Hint: the bank I mentioned that’s transferring all that money to the IMF is the same bank in that pretty letter up above.

Now that you’ve read this information, and reviewed the various links and documents here, you might want to go back and review the information posted HERE again.  It’s all about connecting the dots. Each of these dots is a clue in a chain.

Huge Thank you to AK for putting so much time and energy into transcribing this document and posting it for everyone to read.

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The Philippines may Generate $30B per year Income thru Deuterium

Deuterium in The Philippines may Generate $30B per year Income


 HYDROGEN from Water was predicted by Jules Verne in 1874 to be the fuel of  the future. During World War II, Germany used V-2 Rocket Bombs propelled  by HYDROGEN. Now, Dr. Jacob Bigeleisen discovered that at room temperature  or under atmospheric condition, DEUTERIUM ATOMS are electrolyzed naturally out of water in the form of HYDROGEN gas. This natural phenomenal process  needs no expensive electric power consuming electrolysis to artificially  separate HYDROGEN from OXYGEN in Water.
 What is DEUTERIUM? Deuterium is HEAVY WATER or HYDROGEN WATER without  oxygen. This is obtained from the deep trenches of the World and the  World’s largest DEPOSIT OF DEUTERIUM is IN THE PHILIPPINES – A big deposit  of 868 miles long, 52 miles at widest point, and 3 miles at deepest point,  replenished by nature 24 hours a day after Deuterium traveled more than  12,000 kilometers from Central America to the Philippines through the span  of the Pacific Ocean when Planet Earth turns on its axis from West to East  in unending perpetual motion.
 Deuterium is used in the production of (Hydrogen) Li-Hy Fuel now used in  Canada , America , Germany and some parts of Sweden to provide fuel for cars, trucks, jet planes, etc. including solid Hydrogen for Spacecrafts  Challenger and Columbia . Deuterium can replace gasoline, LPG, LNG, Avgas,  etc. in powering all types of internal combustion engines. It does not  emit pollutants or any harmful carbon monoxide and does not cause any environmental problems because it is in the water family as emissions are  nothing but water vapor or steam. Deuterium as Hydrogen Fuel can be used for cooking, lighting, heating, and as Heavy Water fuel for Reactors in  electric power generation.
 Why does Deuterium electrolyze out of water in the form of Hydrogen  Gas? It electrolyzes out of water in the form of Hydrogen gas because Deuterium is CONCENTRATED HYDROGEN with element symbol, H2 (Hydrogen mass of 2 as distinguished from H2O in Water) subjected to the pressure of water mass at the ocean floor of about 10,000 psi or more because Deuterium obtained from depths of more than 7,000 meters below sea level and at more than 10,000 psi pressure causes the oxygen in water to disengage, separate and escape naturally from hydrogen leaving only Hydrogen isotopes to  combine with other Hydrogen isotopes in forming Deuterium under pressure. And Deuterium under pressure, when exposed to room temperature  or atmospheric condition, forms or electrolyzes naturally into Hydrogen Gas, in the same manner that LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in LIQUID state transform into gas after fusion process with air in the atmosphere the moment LPG or LNG tank valves are  turned on or opened. By taking out impurities from Deuterium, Li-Hy Fuel is produced by special simple process at very, very  low cost known to this proponent and his associates. Cheap Hydrogen will reactivate all idled Hydrogen Based Industries internationally affected by high petroleum costs, and this will boost food, chemical, and metal industries worldwide.
 Through intensive research and development on oceanographic data and processes with foreign associates, the proponent discovered that concentrated Hydrogen exists only about one centimeter thick in every 3,000 meters deep of water mass at the ocean floor. 
 Because Deuterium more than twice the weight of ordinary water, it sinks and in the process, OXYGEN separates naturally from Hydrogen when the pressure becomes about 10,000 psi or more. The usual ocean floor depth ranges between 2,000 meters to  3,000 meters. With the Philippine Trench at 7,000 meters to 10,500 meters  deep, Deuterium is naturally trapped through the ages untapped by man through this day, replenished by nature through the North Equatorial  Current Tidal Flow from more than 12,000 kilometers away in Central America to the Philippines hitting the Philippine Trench

 The one and only Trench with the widest and longest resource flow of  Deuterium in the whole world!
 This proponent presented in March 1986 the Deuterium Project to the  Philippines and American Governments in his desire to help the People of the Philippines and its Government, by introducing an internationally  accepted production-sharing scheme. This is the 40/40/20 production-sharing scheme. 40% of daily production revenue goes to the  Government, 40% goes to the Investors, and 20% is retained or set aside to  cover the cost of security, operation, management, administration, salaries and wages, materials, supplies, repairs and maintenance, and other operation costs.
 The Philippine Government would not put in any investment funds but the  following:
 1) Land and Export Processing Zone or EPSA;
 2) Tax and Duty Free Operation, and
 3) Security of Investments with Government Guarantee
 There are several lands belonging to the Government along the areas of proposed sites. The Law on Export Processing Zone can be used to declare selected sites as EPSA, the Law providing a built-in Tax and Duty Free  arrangements with the Government. The Security of Investments are provided for by the Omnibus Investment Act, the Investments Law, the Constitution of  the Philippines (past, present, and proposed) guarantee the Constitutional Rights to Properties and Due Process, including just compensation. The Government MUST GUARANTEE enforcement of these laws.
 Foreign Investors have been informed that all funds would have to be provided by them on the following items:
 1) Funds for Research and Development;
 2) Mobilization Costs and Recruitment;
 3) Engineering, Development and Construction Costs;
 4) Equipment, Pumping, Storage, Loading facilities and other industrial  project costs
 The 20% production sharing revenue would be set aside and be used for Security, Management, Administration, salaries and wages, materials, supplies, transportation and housing personnel, food, medical supplies, and other operational costs in order to preserve and not disturb the 40%  production revenue sharing for each of the Government, and the Investors’ shares. By maintaining this production revenue sharing ratio, future disagreements and irritants are avoided. A built-in protection for the  Government and the Investors, which is strongly recommended by the proponent on the basis of the ARAMCO experience.
 Using the ARAMCO experience since the 1950s for rapid development, the 
 foreign investors shall have the first option to buy or sell the daily production of Deuterium at preset price of US$7.00 per barrel. This would  give a marketable Gas Station Retail Price of only Php0.90 or US$0.45 per liter or US$0.15 per gallon of Li-Hy Fuel from Deuterium. In effect, the  investors buy, after discounting their 40% sharing or at 40% less, at only US$4.20 per barrel giving them more flexibility on their international  market pricing policies.
 This Hydrogen Fuel gives twice the mileage economy of gasoline or LPG/LNG  fed cars. Old gasoline fed cars can be converted to Li-Hy Fuel use by utilizing the same conversion kits used in converting gasoline fed engines to LPG/LNG fed units. Brand new cars have been made to use LPG/LNG fuel more than ten years ago and the same car engines can use Li-Hy Fuel.
 In Japan and Canada , there are about 78% brand new cars running on LNG or  LPG. The same brand new units can use Li-Hy Fuel, which is more economical fuel than any other available in the international market today. Hydrogen Fuel does not emit any pollutants or harmful carbon monoxide but steam or  water vapor.
 This proponent conducted intensive studies on Research, Development, Philippine Investments Law, Corporation Code, organization, security, management,administration, operation, marketing, including the  breakthrough in Pump Technology with his associates.
 This breakthrough in Pump Technology will use Hydrodynamic Power in pumping Deuterium from more  than 7,000 meters below sea level.
 The U.S. Government sent an Investment Mission last June 1986 to the  Philippines and initial conferences were held with Overseas Private  Investment Corporation (OPIC) of Washington , D.C. , USA with the  participation of Government Officials and private businessmen in Manila . A  meeting with Trade and Industry Minister Jose Concepcion was held during  President Corazon C. Aquino’s trip to USA last September 1986. Another  meeting is scheduled this December 1986 in Washington D.C. with Deputy 
 Minister Tomas Alcantara. Major U.S. investors are expected to attend and  participate. OPIC Mission has scheduled a series of February 1987 conferences in Manila with Deuterium Project as the banner line of  publication agenda. International Investors are expected to attend the technical presentation conferences in Manila in 1987.
 The Japanese Group of Investors is composed of the top eight industrial  companies, which will form a consortium to undertake a 4 million barrels capacity per day of Deuterium production.
 A Saudi Group visited the Philippines in September and October 1986 and was interested in a 2 million barrels daily production capacity of Deuterium.
 With the two top U.S. oil companies interested in a 6 million barrels capacity, Japanese investors in a 4 million barrels capacity, and the Saudi  Group in a 2 million barrels daily production capacity, the total prospective investors inquiries so far received is 12 million barrels daily production. The Philippines can supply all the requirements of the WHOLE  WORLD in Deuterium as Hydrogen Fuel and as Hydrogen for food, hemical, and  metal industries worldwide.
 Hydrogen from Deuterium is the fuel of the future available in the  Philippines . This needs the transfer of high technology in pumping and  refining processes. The proponent has developed with an American Pump  Engineer a new breakthrough in pump technology using HYDRODYNAMIC POWER by  employing the RAM JET SUCTION TECHNOLOGY in the same manner that Jet Planes use the RAM JET PROPULSION to propel heavy loaded jet planes  today. Storage system will use the underground Tunnel Type Tanks in lieu  of the surface tank farm. Loading System will use the same types as those  for LPG and LNG Systems.
 Subject to the refinements of cost data, project line items and other factors, the Rule of Thumb Investment Estimates is about US$200,000,000.00  for every 1,000,000 barrels daily production capacity – a very much lower  Investment/Capacity ratio than Petroleum production.
 At 12 million barrels  per day capacity, the estimated total investment is US$2,400,000,000.00 or  US$2.4 billion – the single largest industrial investment in the Philippines .
 As the Feasibility Study on the Project has been started, this proponent  estimates that the Deuterium Project’s combined production capacities will  employ no less than 350,000 personnel of international pay rates and  allowances for unskilled, semi-skilled, technical, and professional levels  from the Philippines . Less than 2,000 foreign nationals will also be  employed on the transfer of technology. The type of operation is the same  as those in the Middle East petroleum production facilities, with the same pay rates so as not to disturb international energy pricing and economy of  costs.
 At 12 million barrels per day capacity priced at US$7.00 per barrel, this  is US$84 million per day or US$30.66 billion per year, enough to wipe out  all existing foreign debts of the Government in one year, revenue-wise in  Foreign Exchange.
 Public works, private construction, economic and financial booms are  expected to happen in the Philippines in the same manner as those which  happened in the Middle East and financial centers of the world from 1974 to  1984, with everybody earning their respective comfortable livelihood, while  pricing basic prime necessities at reasonable and affordable levels.
 Deuterium and Hydrogen Fuel is the final and lasting hope of the Filipino  People and the Government to be great again. This untapped source of  energy supply will make the Philippines one of the richest countries of the  world. 

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The EDSA People Power (27 years after)

Every year since 1986, the Filipino’s are celebrating the EDSA People Power after Valentine’s Day wherein High School students celebrate their junior’s and Senior Prom the EDSA affair is next in the calendar of holidays in the Philippines.

Back then, the euphoria and the natural trait of the Filipino’s was exemplified to the maximum when a sea of people move as one, in a single objective to oust the ailing President whose trusted cronies and lieutenants started to abuse their power.

An iconic photo of the EDSA Revolution in the ...

An iconic photo of the EDSA Revolution in the Philippines in February 1986 showing hundreds of thousands of people filling up Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA). The view is looking northbound towards the Boni Serrano Avenue-EDSA intersection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It all started when a planned Quo Data by the RAM was leaked, and some junior officers were arrested, it’s leaders who have no choice but to pursue the plan or face court martial or rebellion case decided to go public and withdraw their support to then President Marcos.

The result is astonishing, as by then the movement to oust Marcos was growing, and they decided to support the disgruntled Minister of Defense Juan Ponce Enrile and then PC-INP Chief Fidel V. Ramos, and RAM (Reform the Armed Forces Movement).

English: Cropped photo of Philippine Senate Pr...

English: Cropped photo of Philippine Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile (2008-present) from a U.S. Embassy photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: President Ramos at The Pentagon.

English: President Ramos at The Pentagon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The outpouring of support grow when then Cardinal Sin went on the radio to appeal for support of key personalities hold out in Camp Aguinaldo, and Crame in a matter of hour the crowd grow to thousands then millions even those from the province as far north as Cagayan showed their support by sending troops to support the uprising.

The situation was then volatile as one wrong move, and it will result to civil war, and lots of casualties, then Chief of Staff Fabian C. Ver was asking his Commander in Chief for clearance to quell the rebellion, but then President Marcos despite being a strongman and dictator that hold the power for 20 years decide to avert any bloodshed by deciding to leave instead; that gave way for the Revolutionary government.

National Archive# NN33300514 30 Jun 2005; Rele...

National Archive# NN33300514 30 Jun 2005; Released to Public;ID: DNST8207724 Service Depicted: Multi-National CAPT James McCullough welcomes Philippine Army GEN F.C. Ver (brown uniform, front) and BGEN V.M. Piccio (rear), to the station.Camera Operator: PH2 BALLARD; (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today 27 years after, experience will tell that the celebrated EDSA People Power which even inspired other countries to have their own version seem to lost its meaning, what happened? Probably due to the fact that the people were united in one goal to oust President Marcos and when it succeeded they celebrate nonstop and bask at the glory of the new found Democracy without any concrete plan on what to do thereafter.

The result is very obvious after 27 EDSA celebrations and 5 succeeding Presidents it became clear that the People is not content with the outcome, as before EDSA the basic living necessities are affordable like electricity, gas, water, basic services like health and education is affordable as it is run by the country, to date most of these services are either sold or privatized and worse they even pass a law increasing the tax of the Filipino’s thereby creating a domino effect increasing the prices of most commodities that greatly affects the lives of the ordinary citizen.

What is wrong? To be honest I for one was also excited with the sudden change as the promise of then minority is our lives will improve with the ouster of President Marcos, but the resulting scenario is disappointing, as the one who succeed Marcos concentrated their effort to persecuting the ousted strongman forgetting in the process the welfare of the majority of the Filipino’s.

This is evident after a few years when the new government decided to mothball the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant without creating an alternative power source that resulted to massive brownouts all over the country, a rotating brownout was the solution.

The new government created a new constitution and some of its best features are the CARP (Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program) which is hailed by the majority of Farmers except for the Hacienda Luisita which somehow managed to evade this law by offering a stock option to its tenants the irony of it is this property is owned by the sitting President and its relatives.

hat stuff

hat stuff (Photo credit: counting chest bullets)

To date farmers of Hacienda Luisita doesn’t see the light as the current President who promised in his campaign “KAYO ANG BOSS KO” seem to forget his promise once in power.

To date 27 years after the exemplary display of Filipino unity the country gets back even deeper from number 3 in Asia in terms of economy the country seem to lose its balance and stumble deeper. To date the present government is boasting of improved economy, thanks to OFW remittance and high taxes that bleed the ordinary citizens and Privatized government property that contributed more to the rising cost of living.

people power

people power (Photo credit: M.a.c.a.r.o.n.i.)

To date, name all necessities that the government once run, and you will be surprised to know that it is now owned by a private business close to, who else?? From Gas, Water, Bank, Electricity, Flag Carrier, Transportation, Communication, Media and even the Hospitals are now considering to be privatized.

Which make me think, the government is imposing exuberant taxes to its citizens, selling their prime properties to private citizens, yet you can hardly see a credible project that will uplift the lives of its citizens. By selling the properties that are once lucrative and maintaining the low price of this services tends to aggravate the problem of the ordinary citizen.

In this year’s celebration of People Power, the President signed the Martial Law victim’s compensation law, apparently to appease its supporters and improve his dwindling popularity. It would have created a greater impact if the President also signed a law distributing the Hacienda Luisita to its tenants, which ironically his family owns.

A few months from now an election are coming Politicians are again busy courting the electorate to all extent even dancing to the tune of popular hit songs just to get the vote of the citizens. A few decades ago election do not seem to matter to me, in fact, when Marcos was ousted I am also excited with the promised improvement, probably from number 3 we can be number 2 or even number one in the future, but the result is a dismal one.

So the hope is in the citizen itself if they will choose a candidate just because they dance in campaign sortie or offer monetary considerations in return for your vote, the country will only plunge deeper into the standings. Be vigilant and look for the track record of every candidate, it was proven time and again that a candidate who have mediocre result will do the same no matter what he or she promises.

Sa Mata ng Bata

Sa Mata ng Bata (Photo credit: hellomissdar)

I am writing this piece as my sole opinion and to inform the Filipino’s of the importance of selecting our leaders, I am also aware that I might be persecuted as a result of my opinion, but at half century in this world and probably a few years more to enjoy living in improved economy with high prices, I believe it is still worth it as I am more concerned of the future of the incoming generations than in my own safety.

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Hanging Coffins of Sagada

Hanging Coffins of Sagada

Sagada is in the heart of Cordillera Autonomous Region, in the highest level of Mountain Province the weather here are cold all year-long this area are even colder than Baguio the summer capital of the country.

English: Map of Mountain Province showing the ...

English: Map of Mountain Province showing the location of Sagada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The joke of the hotel or pension houses here is that if a guest or tourists can sleep without a blanket they are free of their hotel fees.

Hanging Coffins in Sagada, the Philippines

Hanging Coffins in Sagada, the Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About 6 hours by bus (longer during the wet season) from Banaue, which is  8 hours travel north of Manila, the people of Sagada have devised an unusual burial tradition which involve the placement of dead relatives into a hollowed out log then hang them in the cliffs thus deriving the name Hanging Coffins.

Hanging Coffins from Cliff; Sagada, Mountain P...

Hanging Coffins from Cliff; Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines (Photo credit: Lon&Queta)

These coffins are crafted by the elderly before they die; if they are too weak or ill their children or other close relative will make it for them. This method involves pushing the bodies into the tight spaces of the coffins, and often bones are broken or cracked during the process.

Hanging Coffins (Sagada, Mt. Province)

Hanging Coffins (Sagada, Mt. Province) (Photo credit: ~MVI~ (running away from parties))

After the deceased is finally fitted inside these coffins, they will then be brought to caves high in the cliffs where they will meet the coffins of other ancestors. The people of Sagada preferred to be buried in the cliffs rather than to be buried in the ground, and this tradition has been the practice for more than 2 centuries.

A view over the municipality of Sagada

A view over the municipality of Sagada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sagada could not be more mystifying without mentioning the mummies and hanging coffins. When visitors or tourists visit Sagada caves in the Philippines, there are lots of hanging coffins that can be found on the cliffs which is made of limestone.

In some caves, hundreds of coffins are traditionally hanged up, and, unfortunately, tourists are unregulated in this section,    some visitors even take some of the bones as souvenirs on their way home. If tourists do visit these caves, they will need the services of a guide to explore all the caves as some of it is hard to find, and the roads can be difficult to navigate.

Native House, Sagada

Native House, Sagada (Photo credit: Montañosa mon Amour)

The people in Sagada are remarkably peaceful and accommodating, and there are also lot of tourist available all year long if ever visitors will try to visit this site they must remember to bring with them their supply of jackets as the weather here are cold all year long, this area could also qualify as the summer capital of the Philippines.

Sagada is an ideal place to have a retreat a quiet and peaceful area where time stand still as visitors explore the mystery of this place.

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Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces is one of the eighth wonders of the world located in the heart of Ifugao Province, in Northern Luzon.

Tribes from this province diligently carved the Terraces 3000 years ago using their ingenuity to provide level steps out of the mountains where the natives can plant their most staple food.

The Ifugao’s work on this patiently to convert the mountains into a steady source of rice without knowing that their craft will end up as one of the most fascinating craft man has ever made even to date.

The Banaue Rice Terraces in Luzon Island, Phil...

The Banaue Rice Terraces in Luzon Island, Philippines. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Banaue rice terraces majestically look like elliptical stairs to the sky some are reaching an altitude of about 1500m (4920ft). It is now considered as one of mankind’s greatest engineering marvel.

Banaue Rice Terraces located north of Manila is a breathtaking view worth the 8 hours of travel. It is a once in a lifetime experience where time stand still as you view the marvelous creation of man 3 centuries ago.

To date Banaue rice terraces is the favorite destination of both local and international tourist; the site has a lot of hiking trails where tourist can explore the area more closely. There are lots of friendly young locals, mostly college students of a nearby university who serve as guides. But even without a guide, you will find the natural friendliness and warmth of the Ifugao people endearing.

English: Positn for tourists at Banaue rice te...

English: Positn for tourists at Banaue rice terraces, Northern Luzon, Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Banaue Rice Terraces are ideal to visit during planting season wherein most of the terraces are green and refreshing to see, although even with the rice harvested the view is still spectacular and breathtaking.

Banaue rice terraces, while 8 hours away from Manila is one of the most tourist destinations in the Philippines. Visitor will never regret spending time and resources to see its natural beauty and grandeur. One cannot help but wonder how the Ifugaos were able to do it all using their bare hands, without the aid of any mechanized tools and equipment.

Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces (Photo credit: kudumomo)

In 1995, the terraces at Nagacadan Bangaan, Mayoyao, Batad, & Hungduan, in Ifugao were declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

 How to reach Banaue Rice Terraces:

From Manila there are lots of air-conditioned buses that go straight to Banaue; the trip will take about 8 hours.

English: Map of Ifugao showing the location of...

English: Map of Ifugao showing the location of Banaue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The trip will pass in the provinces of Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya then to Ifugao. Accommodation will not be a hindrance as there are hotel and  inns in the area like the People’s Lodge, Banaue View Inn,  the Banaue Hotel and other lodging houses that offer reasonable rates. Residents in the area also accept transients for a lesser charge.

From Banaue, you can also go to Sagada which is also another wonder, and you can see it, only in the Philippines in my next Blog!

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